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New LA4 Report Available

The DOR has updated the requirements for the LA4 Report.  The new report is now available for all CSC communities.  If you have a local installation (e.g. Oracle) you can get the file here: LA4 LINK

If you need help with the install, contact DLS support and they will be happy to assist you.

All cloud communities already have the new LA4 report updated as of August 31st., 2016


Mass IT Releases RFQ for State CAMA System

CAMA System Bid Process
As mentioned in previous updates, the state is moving forward on its commitment to replace the current CSC/State CAMA system.  MassIT is taking the lead in this process, having received a $500,000 capital allocation for this purpose.  

The state procurement process is a bit different from municipal procurement, and can be a much lengthier process than municipal procurement.   Because of a very tight timeline, and a state requirement that the first $500,000 needs to be expended in FY17, MassIT made the decision to proceed with an RFQ to convert all CSC CAMA users to another system.

Once a vendor is selected, the state will assist with the conversion of CSC communities to the new software.  MASSIT funds will be used to cover these conversion costs. The DOR has pledged to help make the transition as smooth as possible.  It is anticipated that the process to convert all towns will take several years, and, although there is no guarantee, the expectation is that MassIT will request funds to be available in FY18 and FY19 to complete the process as necessary.

In the interim, the system you are currently using will continue to be supported by both DOR and Stonewall Solutions.

The schedule is as follows:
Aug 22, 2016          RFQ released to Public
Aug 29, 2016          Questions Deadline
Sept 16, 2016         RFQ Bids Deadline
Sept 26-30, 2016    Vendor Demonstrations  (Exact Dates  TBA)
Oct 11, 2016           Bidder Decision Finalized
Oct 13, 2106           CSC Annual Meeting

There are a lot of questions and logistics involved in this process.  The board is working diligently to identify all relevant issues, and potential options for membership consideration. Each of you will likely have many questions that you’d like clarification about. You may have ideas or perspectives that it would be important for the board to consider. Please contact the Executive Director or any CSC board member and let us know what concerns you, and your ideas or suggestions for solutions if appropriate.

If you’d like to see a copy of the RFQ, it is available here:


CSC Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting date has been set for Oct. 13, 2016.  As noted above there will be very important items to discuss.

2017 Membership Dues Now Payable

The 2017 Membership dues are now ready for members.

Annual Dues for FY 2017The Community Software Consortium (CSC) consists of multiple membership tiers. Each community member belongs to the General Membership Tier and additionally can belong to one or more tiers.

Dues Assessments are determined annually by vote of the members of each tier.

Beginning in FY 2017, the members voted to have a 3-tiered dues based on the number of parcels in the community.

FY 2017 Dues   (July 1, 2016 –  June 30, 2017)

  • General Fund -$925
    • Assessed to each member community
    • Governed by the Board of Directors
    • Consortium Operating Expenses, Outreach, Advertising, Procurement
  • Assessing Tier    (FY2017)
    • $2,200  =   less than 1000 parcels
    • $2,850   =   1000 -4999 parcels
    • $3,550  =  5000 or more parcels
    • Assessed to each Assessing member in addition to the General Dues
    • CSC Real Estate application
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • CSC Personal Property Application
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • Application enhancements, maintenance, training
    • CSC Website – Community-specific landing page; public access to securely hosted assessment data
    • Marshall & Swift Cost Table licenses
    • Reporting tools for ad hoc reporting:
      • IQ Objects
      • Business Objects
  • Collection Tier  (FY 2017)
    • $1,200  =   less than 1000 parcels
    • $1,600   =   1000 -4999 parcels
    • $2,000  =  5000 or more parcels
    • Assessed to each Collection member in addition to the General Dues
    • CSC Tax Administration software
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • Application maintenance and training
  • Personal Property Tier – $750
    • Personal Property Application
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • Support & maintenance
    • Marshall & Swift Cost Table license
    • (Included free in Assessing Tier)
  • Technical Tier – $750
    • General Membership within the CSC
    • Public Access
  • Remote IT Tier –  Estimated  to be $1000-1400
    • Remote Backups of all community computers with storage up to 250 Gb
    • Daily monitoring
    • Periodic email notifications to community contact
  • Finance Tier –  Estimated to be $1200-1500
    • General Accounting Module for Accountants and Treasurers


The RPIS Condo Enhancements are now available.

A new version of the CSC’s Real Property Information System (RPIS) will be available to all members starting June 9thIn addition to the new Condo features, a number of smaller issues were addressed.  Contact your DLS IT advisor to get the new version of RPIS.  (CSC Cloud users will receive the update automatically – coming soon. Watch your email for a rollout date.)

We are hoping to have a user meeting, to review the new features, at the MAAO conference on Thursday morning June 25th, if we can find a room.  More info shortly.

In addition to the new Condo features, a number of smaller issues were addressed.

These include:

RPIS 3.1a

Data Management and Valuation Enhancements:

  • Modified condo data storage, reporting, and valuation as recommended by the CSC Condo Committee.
  • Added Base Value and Base Rate fields to the Land table, and modifed Cost to populate them.
  • The system now supports range edits on dates.  The Low and High Values entered on the (useful for sale dates, bld permit, inspections etc.) Table/Column List screen will be applied to the year portion of the date.  If the High Value is left blank or set to zero, then the current calendar year will be used as the upper value.  This has been implemented in DMT, Transaction Processor, and Re-Edit.
  • Added a parcel-based page number to the Parcel Listing report. (Good for lengthy parcels like camps or big commercial properties.)
  • Column labels are now shown on the “column pick” screen for Parcel List and Audit List.
  • Removed unused fields from the Table / Column List screen.
  • Inactive columns are now excluded from column lists in Query Builder, Update Builder, etc.
  • On the Query Builder screen, added processing for Key Level 2 tables.
  • An Edit button has been added to the Query Builder screen to allow users to edit queries.
  • Added a subquery wizard to Update Builder.
  • In Image Maintenance:
    • Added a “confirmation” dialog box to the Replace button, to address the problem of inadvertently clicking Replace instead of Add.
    • When deleting a photo, deletion of the photo file is now allowed only if it is not referenced by any other parcel in the PICTURES table.
    • When adding new photos, the program now makes sure the new file is not already referenced by another parcel in the PICTURES table.
    •  Added a Note button.
    •  Added Land (LND) to list of allowable photo types.
    •  Added support for various photo sizes (users can change the default size in Local Settings).  A photo larger than the default size will be downsized; otherwise the size is not adjusted.  In all cases, the original width-to-height ratio of the photo is maintained.  This also works for photos taken in portrait mode.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem in Sketch where using the backspace key in the Label text box crashes Sketch and deletes the vector.
  • Fixed problem with entering apostrophe in Name or Address on Search screen.

New Cost Tables Now Available

The 2014 RPIS Cost Tables are now available for download. Values were derived from Marshall & Swift as of January 1, 2014 and should be used for FY 2015 triennial certification programs.


Get them here:  Member Cost Tables

CSC Application Suite Upgrades Currently in Progress


CSC Real Property Information System (RPIS) as well as the Tax Administration (Collection) applications are currently undergoing software design enhancements.   The enhancements to both applications were requested and funded by members of each tier.  The Assessing membership tier approved of a complete re-design of the RPIS Condo Unit record. The enhancements will allow end users to effectively value condo properties through the application’s condo valuation menu function.  Design enhancements were created by a committee of CSC members.   Membership was provided an opportunity to review and comment on the draft proposal. The proposal was finalized and is currently in production with a target completion date of January  21, 2014.

Condo Unit Specifications
Condo Property Record Card
Condo Record Design


The Collector’s tier has developed a long term multiple faceted enhancement plan consisting of four enhancement projects.  Each project incorporates a varied number of enhancements to the existing application.  Enhancements run the gamut from current screen revisions and revised system options to increasing security access.  Other enhancements incorporate into the system advanced capabilities such as acceptance of batch payment and utility billing.

Tax Administration Application Plan