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Current Software Versions  RPIS Ver 3.1b,  Personal Property Ver 2014.2

Tyler Training Webinars

Link to SaaS Webinar Recording:  Click Here

Link to SaaS Webinar    Feb 15th session :


March 8.2018 Data Entry

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April 12.2018 Property Records Management (PRM)


May 10.2018 Inquire


Upcoming Webinars:

June 14.2018 Inquire using Mail Merge
July 12.2018 Splits and Combinations Transactions

Transcript of BLA presentation of Desktop Review BLA DESKTOP REVIEW 2-7-2018

PowerPoint Presentation: BLA Desktop of a CAMA conversion

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Current Enhancements

LA4 –  Updated   8/31/2016

The LA4 Update can be downloaded here:   LA4-Report – Oracle

Instructions for installing your LA4 Report:   Instructions

Please contact DLS Support if you need help updating your report.

Cloud Communities already have this update as of 8/31/16

Condo Enhancements were released in May, 2014

These enhancements are based on the user committee specifications approved by the Assessors in 2013.




CSC Personal Property Application ~ Table Updates and Upgrades

The Personal Property Application, part of the group’s application suite, has been upgraded for FY 2014.

  • Modifications to the application include FY 2014 base table updates of Marshall and Swift costs.  Included in table updates for FY 2014 are three new categories of items:
    • Sports/ Recreation Centers,
    • Service Repair, and
    • Closed Circuit Security.
  • Additionally, Farm Animal Excise values (FVAC) have been updated to reflect FY 2014 costs, though rates are the same as in FY 2013.
  •  Upgrades to the application include minor bug fixes and the addition of new reports suggested by end-users.
  • These reports include:
    • LA-4 Cross Check all Accounts,
    • District LA-4 Cross Check,
    • Account Listing by Local Account ID,
    • Account Detail for Businesses, and
    • Property Record Cards listing business accounts only excluding summer home accounts.

Please contact CSC IT Support staff to obtain the latest copy of the Personal Property application.

RPIS User Guides

User Guide

Rollover Utilities

Update Builder Multi-table

Cost, Land Misc Table Maintenance

Effective Age Utilities

Value Finalization

Cost Valuation

Using SigSketch

Database Utilities

Business Objects

Introduction to Business Objects

List of Ratio Study Procedures

Instructions for Editing Quartile Reports

IQ Objects

Procedures for Taconic, Banker & Tradesman and CoreLogic

Batch Instructions

Creating and Using PID Files

Quick Query

Personal Property

Personal Property User Guide

Data Collection

Data-collection-card PDF

Data-collection-card XLS


MassGIS CSC New Export v3     Updated 8/15/2014     (IQ Objects Report to export MASS GIS location ID)

Mass GIS Data Extractor

Creating a MassGIS extract Instructions

System Specs

For PC based systems only. This does not apply to cloud setups.

System Specs

Cost table information is restricted and can be accessed here.