Mass IT Releases RFQ for State CAMA System

CAMA System Bid Process
As mentioned in previous updates, the state is moving forward on its commitment to replace the current CSC/State CAMA system.  MassIT is taking the lead in this process, having received a $500,000 capital allocation for this purpose.  

The state procurement process is a bit different from municipal procurement, and can be a much lengthier process than municipal procurement.   Because of a very tight timeline, and a state requirement that the first $500,000 needs to be expended in FY17, MassIT made the decision to proceed with an RFQ to convert all CSC CAMA users to another system.

Once a vendor is selected, the state will assist with the conversion of CSC communities to the new software.  MASSIT funds will be used to cover these conversion costs. The DOR has pledged to help make the transition as smooth as possible.  It is anticipated that the process to convert all towns will take several years, and, although there is no guarantee, the expectation is that MassIT will request funds to be available in FY18 and FY19 to complete the process as necessary.

In the interim, the system you are currently using will continue to be supported by both DOR and Stonewall Solutions.

The schedule is as follows:
Aug 22, 2016          RFQ released to Public
Aug 29, 2016          Questions Deadline
Sept 16, 2016         RFQ Bids Deadline
Sept 26-30, 2016    Vendor Demonstrations  (Exact Dates  TBA)
Oct 11, 2016           Bidder Decision Finalized
Oct 13, 2106           CSC Annual Meeting

There are a lot of questions and logistics involved in this process.  The board is working diligently to identify all relevant issues, and potential options for membership consideration. Each of you will likely have many questions that you’d like clarification about. You may have ideas or perspectives that it would be important for the board to consider. Please contact the Executive Director or any CSC board member and let us know what concerns you, and your ideas or suggestions for solutions if appropriate.

If you’d like to see a copy of the RFQ, it is available here:

CSC Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting date has been set for Oct. 13, 2016.  As noted above there will be very important items to discuss.