CSC Releases RFI for Collections Systems

The Community Software Consortium is seeking information about Collection Systems.

The purpose of this RFI is to elicit responses from the vendor community to provide information about their existing cloud or PC-based solutions that will enable the Community Software Consortium (CSC), and its member communities across the Commonwealth to better understand the options available for tools that can perform Property Tax & Utility Collection and Billing tasks.

The CSC is currently using a system of their own design and strongly encourages responses from vendors interested in the CSC’s current collection system, and who may have the ability to support and develop that system collaboratively with the CSC.

Responses to this RFI should include information that would be useful in the event that subsequent procurement solicitations related to this RFI were to be pursued. Vendors may submit multiple responses if they offer multiple solutions.

The RFI is available here:

Responses should be received no later than Friday July 14th, 2017.