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Nominations now open for Board of Directors

The Community Software Consortium is beginning the process of elections for 2 positions on the Board of Directors whose current terms are expiring this year.  These positions are currently held by Board Chair Tammy Blackwell and Kathryn Peirce.

Kathyrn Peirce, Assessor from Holliston has informed the board that she will not consider running for the board again, in part because she feels strongly that there should be at least one more collector on the board given the big decisions that face the collector tier over the next year.  Kathyrn has been an invaluable member of the board helping to steer the CSC through very challenging seas, and her leadership will be missed.

The CSC by-laws call for 3 year terms and maintaining staggered terms for all 5 members. There must also be at least one member from each tier.

Elections are held at large, across all member communities and any assessor, collector, or other official in a member community may serve on the Board.  The five positions to the Board of Directors must be from different municipalities. Members must be in good standing to be considered.

Look for email in your in-box with details.

Deadline for nominations is April 21th 2017!


FY 2018 Dues set

The dues for FY 2018 have been set.

Invoices will be sent out in July 2017.

Details here:  FY 2018 Dues

2017 Membership Dues Now Payable

The 2017 Membership dues are now ready for members.

Annual Dues for FY 2017The Community Software Consortium (CSC) consists of multiple membership tiers. Each community member belongs to the General Membership Tier and additionally can belong to one or more tiers.

Dues Assessments are determined annually by vote of the members of each tier.

Beginning in FY 2017, the members voted to have a 3-tiered dues based on the number of parcels in the community.

FY 2017 Dues   (July 1, 2016 –  June 30, 2017)

  • General Fund -$925
    • Assessed to each member community
    • Governed by the Board of Directors
    • Consortium Operating Expenses, Outreach, Advertising, Procurement
  • Assessing Tier    (FY2017)
    • $2,200  =   less than 1000 parcels
    • $2,850   =   1000 -4999 parcels
    • $3,550  =  5000 or more parcels
    • Assessed to each Assessing member in addition to the General Dues
    • CSC Real Estate application
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • CSC Personal Property Application
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • Application enhancements, maintenance, training
    • CSC Website – Community-specific landing page; public access to securely hosted assessment data
    • Marshall & Swift Cost Table licenses
    • Reporting tools for ad hoc reporting:
      • IQ Objects
      • Business Objects
  • Collection Tier  (FY 2017)
    • $1,200  =   less than 1000 parcels
    • $1,600   =   1000 -4999 parcels
    • $2,000  =  5000 or more parcels
    • Assessed to each Collection member in addition to the General Dues
    • CSC Tax Administration software
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • Application maintenance and training
  • Personal Property Tier – $750
    • Personal Property Application
      • Local or Cloud hosting
    • Support & maintenance
    • Marshall & Swift Cost Table license
    • (Included free in Assessing Tier)
  • Technical Tier – $750
    • General Membership within the CSC
    • Public Access
  • Remote IT Tier –  Estimated  to be $1000-1400
    • Remote Backups of all community computers with storage up to 250 Gb
    • Daily monitoring
    • Periodic email notifications to community contact
  • Finance Tier –  Estimated to be $1200-1500
    • General Accounting Module for Accountants and Treasurers


Non Profit Status

The Community Software Consortium is officially a non-profit.  We’ve received our IRS letter as well as tax exempt certification from the State of Massachusetts!