The CSC is always looking for individuals willing to share their time and many talents with the CSC membership. Committees typically meet on an “as needed basis”, with no regular meeting schedule. Commitments of time are left to the individual committee member volunteers as we all know how busy our professional and personal lives can be! If you are willing to share some time and your talents with the group it is appreciated.

We ask you to please consider joining one or more of the following groups. Committees within the Consortium and a brief description of each one follow:

Outreach Committee
Members serve as the “face and voice” of the CSC representing the group at various municipal association conferences throughout the course of the year. Previous activity of the group included participation in Vendor Programs at the MAAO, MTCA, and MMA conferences. Members set up displays, prepare conference materials, and meet and greet conference attendees.

Steering and Bylaw Committee
Members serve as catalysts for new ideas for the Consortium’s growth and development through recommending new programs and paths for the CSC, recommending application additions or re visions, and reviewing the CSC by-laws recommending additions to or revisions of the current document. Ideas are brought to the Board of Directors for consideration and recommendation to the Consortium’s membership for vote.

Copyright Committee
Members serve as recipients and keepers of copyrighted software versions of the various modules of the CSC Application Suite. If the need arises, they would represent the CSC in copyright issues.

Liaison Committee
Members serve as a liaison for the CSC re presenting the group at meetings informing membership of “need to know” matters. Recent liaison committee activity has been with the Bureau of Local Assessment attending their annual certification year review recap meeting.