Since 1996 when the first Board of Directors was elected, the Community Software Consortium (CSC) has empowered Massachusetts local officials to not only update their departments’ technology solutions, but to also own and control these new systems. The result has been high quality software, excellent support, and nominal cost.

As current economic conditions and funding limitations make it imperative for Commonwealth communities to stretch resources and economize, the CSC wants municipal officials to know that not only is this community-owned and community-run organization managing state budget cutbacks, it is moving ahead with ambitious plans that will potentially benefit all 351 cities and towns.

The CSC’s activities and possibilities are not limited to any department or software solution – if it makes sense to share or jointly purchase software or services, the CSC can do it.

The CSC is set up under M.G.L. 40, § 4A, a statute providing for interlocal purchasing agreements.  It currently consists of 67 communities organized into self-governing tiers- an assessors’, personal property, and collectors’ tier.


The Board of Directors is elected from member communities.

Board of Directors and Officers:

Tammy Blackwell, Chair            Assessor, Sheffield  Term expires 6/30/20
Jan Warner, Secretary              Collector, Conway  Term expires 6/30/20
Theo Gabriel, Treasurer            Assessor, Seekonk Term expires 6/30/19
Chip Davis                                 Assessor, Needham  Term expires 6/30/19
Rebecca Herzog                       Collector, Windsor  Term expires 6/30/19

Rebecca Krause-Hardie           Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Collector, Royalston

Audit Report Year Ended June 30 2014